Your Personal Coach

4 Simple Steps to Rescue Your Dream

Mário Caetano Your Personal Coach

The results with Mário in the 3 great areas of life: Career. Relationships. Me.

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What People Say About Mário

Mário is my personal coach.

João Paulo Rodrigues

Host, Actor, Musician

Life is made of several steps and through my life story, I can say that it’s when we do not know ourselves enough and when we get into disagreement with ourselves that we tend to stress and lose our focus and our balance. It was when I started to do coaching with Mário that I started to wake up again with energy and do things that are really worthwhile. Now I know that I can make a difference even more.

Salvador Mendes de Almeida

Founder of Salvador Organization

Your Personal Coach

Personal Coaching

Scientific research shows that coaching is the fastest  way to  leverage and obtaining results. Mário’s program, Your Personal Coach, is the opportunity to unlock and find a meaning to your life and get inspiration with Mário himself through over 4000 hours of experience and proven results with hundreds of clients in areas such as career, sports, relationship or health. Considered by the media as a reference coach nationwide, Mário is ready to help you and inspire you to overcome your problems, to find your own purpose and to create a life with meaning. Mário helps people that have already achieved a significant financial success in their lives and that feel that there is something more to achieve in order to have a fulfilling life – a life with meaning. If you are one of these people, get in contact with Mário.

4 Simple Steps to Rescue Your Dream