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4 Simple Steps to Rescue Your Dream


Through several programs, Mario brings all his experience into the heart of the corporates inspiration, inspiring the CEO and teams, inspiring people, because corporates are the people.

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what do corporates say about mario’s work

Insightful, visionary and motivating, Mário’s speech helps us to reflect, to think beyond obvious, to go deeper about questions that are the base of success. Beyond reflection, lectures are action oriented, they are made for you to do and to do well. Getting out of an event with Mário is to breathe deep down and embrace life without fear and with courage, because Mário says that barriers are only within us.

Hugo Gonçalves

Partner Skill Development Manager, Microsoft Portugal

The coaching programme implemented by Mário for 5 training months allowed people to absorb and integrate the concept of self-liability, to gain self-motivation and therefore being more efficient in their daily life.

Ramiro Santos

CEO, BPN, Pieces for trucks

The concept of people and transformation was worked in an extraordinary way by Mário. This training made people to live the corporate’s values, to compromise and to focus on excellence.

Marta Pinto

DRH, STET Barloworld

This was a lifetime experience. The team started as being apart for this training but in the end of these 2 days we accomplished a union we didn’t have for the last 5 years. Congratulations.

Tiago Carvalho

CEO, BHolding

Corporate Programmes

Inspiration in Companies Speech


Through a 90 minute speech, Mário lights up and inspire the audience to become great in any mission that they are fulfilling in their company.

Inspiration in companies Training


Corporate training programs made by Mário can last from 1 day to 6 months, depending on the analysis made to the team and the necessary content that need to be implemented.  People love to be followed step by step and Mário guarantees that this approach is the differentiating factor that  offers lasting results.

Inspiration in companies Retreat


Through a total immersion experience that  can last between 2 and 8 days, Mário takes the teams to identify the key switches that once turned on, have the capacity to connect people around a vision and a common purpose, rescuing the soul and the corporate’s purpose, making its employees and clients into fans and increasing the results of the business.

Inspiration in companies Coaching


It is proven that through personalized coaching, people accelerate their results in the corporates. Coaching with Mário means  to unite all loose ends and get clarity, strength, business and career orientation.

4 Simple Steps to Rescue Your Dream