The words I write are to give you strength, courage and inspiration. Think about these 3 crucial items for your happiness in the moment you are living right now.



We spend most of our lives trying to fit in a certain way of thinking and in a certain way of doing things that are sometimes very different from what we really want. If you keep doing it, you will live a life that it’s not yours and you’ll ignore your true feelings and your great potential.

I believe that happiness happens by doing what we feel in an authentic and genuine way. It is time to unblock all your potential. Be brave. Be authentic. BE YOURSELF.


When you decide to be authentic, you stop worrying with what the others think. The fear of rejection that keeps you from moving on is replaced by the courage to try something new that grows inside you. Face the opportunities and even knowing that you are not ready, jump and grab them with strength and determination that exist within you. You’ll see that those opportunities will open doors you ever imagined to open. GRAB the opportunities.

It is human to always expect something out of that opportunity, that person, that situation, of life. This is our great source of frustration. The expectations. You know that only few times did something happen exactly the way that you expected it. Waiting and expecting create frustration. When we expect something from life, we are focusing in something that is missing instead of enjoying the moment. Define what you want, grab the opportunity, drop the expectation and enjoy what you are doing right now.


When we decide to be authentic, grab the opportunities and drop the expectations, we see that things often take a different path than we thought initially. From that moment on, you’ll have to deal constantly with the new and be open for that to happen. Walking new and unknown paths will make you question a lot if that is the right path to follow. These questions are natural to occur, because you are leaving behind a known reality, where you used to fit in, for a new one that is unknown and that will make you grow. Imagine that you have a drawer with your talent and potential and you are looking for a new wardrobe to put your drawer. The foundations of this new wardrobe have high doses of risk, creativity and permanent feelings of curiosity. However, if you look closer and have the courage to open your heart, you will see that there is space for new people that bring along with them new drawers with the same goals as yours, with conversations that stand what you believe in, with ways of thinking, acting, speaking so similar to yours and with a high sense of meaning that lead them to make their dreams come true. All these people have the potential that you have inside you. Look for them and place your drawer in this new wardrobe full of endless greatness. Together you will build a wardrobe based on what you believe.

Now is the moment. Stand up and move on. 

I wish you tons of inspiration.

We’ll meet again on the journey.

Mário Caetano
Coach & Inspiring Speaker



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