We all want to evolve in the path of happiness. This path can be made by carrying a heavy backpack or letting go of what doesn’t matter so that you become lighter. These are the 9 things to let go to make you move on.

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1. Drop the reason

When we stop in order to think about the reasons that make us feel unhappy, we often find out that we are fighting for something that already belongs to the pastor simply stopped making sense. When we fight someone for being right, our energy, our time and money are wasted unconsciously. Stop and think: why are you fighting for? It’s time to let go.

2. Drop the judgement

By judging others, we are labelling someone, judging those people by their behaviour and not evaluating who they really are. People cross our path to bring us important learnings. If you judge them, you don’t allow those learnings to become part of your life. Drop the judgment, accept learning.

3. Drop perfection

The creation of an idyllic and perfect vision of what we want for our lives don’t allow us to go forward, because we never have the ideal conditions reunited to start. The truth is that we will never have them. We have something far more important: the courage and determination to reunite and build the conditions we need. Drop the perfection and move on.  

4. Drop the defeating movie

We were all born with the ability to make incredible movies in our minds. We create horror movies, movies of disillusion, seriousness and defeat. Change the movie. Create passion sceneries that light up your decisions, inspiring characters to push you through, colour fields with familiar smells, conquering sounds and winning gestures. Create inside you the inspiring movie you want to live. Live your inspiring movie. 

5. Drop the blame

We blame parents, children, wife, friends, the boss, the colleague, the politician, the government. We blame others instantly. We blame the marriage, the divorce, the birth, death, the disease, the crisis. We blame the events instantly. We blame us for the lack of instruction, for the lack of opportunities, for the country we live in, for the shame we feel. We blame the inner me instantly. Blame is to find someone or something responsible for our frustration. The path is faster and lighter if you drop the guilty ones.

6. Drop the victimisation

When we complain, we claim unconsciously the attention and the love of others. Health, love, money, work, family and time are ways we find to victimize ourselves. Our ego loves a nice victimized and distorted act of reality. Distorted, because we are much bigger than the selfish part we choose to act. Victim or leader, a question that I ask myself several times. As a victim, you choose to hide your glow. You are a leader, stand up and shine! 

7. Drop the attachment

We love to attach to moments, people and things. Nostalgia and missing the time that doesn’t come back, of what didn’t happen and should have, that person that told us that would stay forever, his gesture, the house, the car, the bank account, the recognition. These are all chains to which we attach so easily. If you want to track the path to happiness, letting go will allow you to break free of the heavy chains of these invisible forces, opening doors of infinite clarity.

8. Drop other’s pain

We think we are unreplaceable, not being able to say NO to other’s requests and always being the solution. We like being saviors of the family, the company, the group of friends and with everyone that cross our lives. We want to make part of the dances that aren’t our own, claiming as our own the suffering of others. Each one has its own dance to dance. Dance your dance, as it is frequently the best way to help.

 9. Drop the fear

I am afraid and I know that you do too. Afraid of not being capable, of not being loved, of aggression, of escape, of standstill, of submission, of failure. In reality, fear is an illusion and it keeps us from seeing what stands behind it. The greatest fear we possess is to find our own truth, keep our light to shine as bright as it should. This is the moment. The moment to act with courage. The moment to drop fear. The moment to walk. The moment to evolve and shine! Let go to move on.

Mário Caetano
Coach & Inspiring Speaker




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