Since childhood, I always lived surrounded by friends and family that gave a lot of value to the comfort of a pay check and scheduled vacations. At that time, a person becoming an entrepreneur was seen as insane. With the change of times, today it is faced as an act of heroism. I will explain you the 5 advantages of becoming an entrepreneur.


1. Colour your life

As I don’t have a strict working schedule, I can choose what to do with my daily time. I can write, study, meet other entrepreneurs that take total responsibility for their lives, work at night and rest during the day, changing rhythms, travel to give training in other places in the world, giving my wife and three daughters the opportunity to experience and exploite new flavours, listening to new languages, meeting new people, making part of new cultures, like it happens every year when I go to the retreat “The Journey to the purpose of your life”, in Brazil. This year, there will be other locations to explore. I take a taken the a paintbrush and see my life painting becoming alive.

2. Your talent speeds up

When an entrepreneur finds its ideal, it chases it using many resources. One of them is its talent, by using what he loves and doing it unconditionally. By choosing to use his talent, he has the opportunity to shape it on a daily basis, not letting time to assume the importance it had in the past. He lives committed to make a difference and to add value to others through his talent, become an expert in his area. By doing this, his talent speeds up.

3. You adopt adventure

As the focus of an entrepreneur is always in the solution, not allowing the possibility to deviate to the life of others questioning his own business, a whole new world of unthinkable possibilities begins to take form. Routine is broken by so many opportunities and the excitement takes care of his life. Adventure is then embraced and adopted.

4. You call money by its first name

The relation with money in an entrepreneur’s life is extraordinary, as his financial believes are tested to the limit, as well as his financial level of worthiness, that can take two forms: its pain threshold, in which it cannot take more pain, and the pleasure threshold, in which it can no longer take more pleasure. Both of these invisible thresholds are daily trained so that his financial muscle is able to expand beyond its capacities. The act of sale of what you believe is united with the love of every act, gaining an unwavering propose of its ideal and business. In that moment, the value of what he does gains a greater intimacy level, converted into what he gains financially. You call money by its first name.  

5. Problems assume another perspective

I believe that a good and successful life meant a life without problems. That is one of the greatest lies passed to us by society. For an entrepreneur to have problems is a sign of challenges and to conquer challenges is the main reason why every entrepreneur wakes up in the morning, as it is the gas used for his engine running in high gear. Problems that used to have a great dimension are now ordinary, assuming another perspective. Problems are seen as business opportunities for it to grow and to make the difference in the world.

I wish you highly inspiring entrepreneur actions.

Mário Caetano
Coach & Inspiring Speaker



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