We use to hold on to invisible things that don’t belong to us, consuming time and energy and stopping us from being happy through the expression of our talent.


I share with you 3 things that don’t belong to you.

Other’s limitations belong to them

“That’s impossible” or “Stay out of it” are the most used expressions nowadays. These expressions show how much the people that use them don’t believe in themselves. Their vision is low, their purpose doesn’t exist. Don’t let yourself become influenced by such barriers, as they are inside those people and never inside you. They are limitations that don’t belong to you. Let them with the people who say them and don’t let them get to you. Do what you love and keep pursuing your dreams.

Other’s negativity belongs to them

If you pay attention, there is a strange trend. Starting any sentence with “No” has become a habit for many. After no comes expressions like “I don’t know how many times have I said that this is all wrong” or “you cannot do anything right” or “don’t even think that” or “don’t do that, don’t go that way”. Many people embraced the “no” so strongly that they just don’t want to let it go. No assumed a negative rhythm in their lives in a very strong way. That habit, that negative rhythm belongs only to those people. Don’t listen to that negative noise and give yourself a chance of creating your own rhythm. An enthusiastic, beating and contagious rhythm. A rhythm that inspires. Your rhythm.

Other’s happiness is your own responsibility

“I want to see you happy” is a feeling that lives within you. “I want to see you happy, enthusiastic, motivated” is a wish within the human being. Sometimes these desires or intentions are so deep within us that we decide to interfere and clear the stones on their path so they can walk easily. We think that by doing so, we are helping, but we are just postponing something inevitable. Each person has his/her own personal challenges to overcome. Only that person can do it. Help without interfering. Allow the evolution by letting the person make his/her own decisions. Inspire others through your choices. Inspire others through your example. Inspire others through your happiness.    

Mário Caetano
Coach & Inspiring Speaker



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