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Mário Caetano Coach & Inspirational Speaker

4 Simple Steps to Rescue Your Dream

Get to Know Mário

Get to Know Mário

Coach & Inspirational Speaker

I’m Mário Caetano and I help people to unlock their problems by bringing clarity to themselves and by transforming and inspiring their own lives, their business and, their family.

Since 2008, I have touched the lifes of more than 22000 people through experience in over 4000 hours of coaching sessions and over 4000 hours of training and lectures.

I help corporates, public figures and people, like you, to create a life with sense and promise that a lot will change from the moment that our lives cross.



with Mário Caetano

Personal Coach

Your Personal Coach

Your personal coach is the opportunity to unlock and find sense to your life and to inspire yourself with Mário Caetano himself through his over 4000 hours of experience and proven results from hundreds of clients in so many different areas such as career, sports, relationships or health.


with Mário Caetano

Retreat The Transformation


The Retreat The Transformation is an experience that happens only once a year, highly revealing about people’s blockings from childhood until nowadays and about how to overcome them in a free and clarifying way.


with Mário Caetano

Inspiration in companies


Through different programmes, Mário brings all his experience to the corporates, inspiring CEO’s and the teams – inspiring people, because corporates are the people.


Articles by Mário Caetano

HAPINESS in 3 simple items

The words I write are to give you strength, courage and inspiration. Think about these 3 crucial items for your happiness in the moment you are living right now. BE YOURSELF We spend most of our lives trying to fit in a certain way of thinking and in a certain way of...

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9 things to LET GO to make you MOVE ON

We all want to evolve in the path for happiness. This path can be made carrying a heavy schoolbag or letting go what it doesn’t matter so that it becomes lighter. These are the 9 things to let go to make you move on.

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5 Advantages of Becoming an Entrepreneur

Since childhood, I always lived surrounded by friends and family that gave a lot of value to the comfort of a pay check and scheduled vacations. At that time, a person becoming an entrepreneur was seen as insane. With the change of times, today it is faced as an act...

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4 Simple Steps to Rescue Your Dream

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