The company Mário Caetano is a company specializing in helping people discover their life purpose. With over 7 years of experience with hundreds of retreats made and inspired thousands of people, the company will perform in Brazil, in a heavenly place more inspiring retreat: Discover your life purpose.
It is a retreat of eight days, wich is the purpose to help each person discover their life purpose, and align itself back to its essence. 
This trip was designed for you rediscover yourself. This trip was designed for you discover your purpose of life.
Is an experiential journey. Is a spiritual journey.
A journey of Meaning and purpose of life. Is a journey to discover yourself.
The 4 levels of this trip:
A journey of peace and welfare.
A journey of discovery and adventure.
A journey of love and donation.
A journey of love and inspiration and Meaning.
More information: [email protected] or 0035 96 841 0565


The company Mário Caetano

Retiro Transformação


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